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Education Consolidation Corporation Acquires Westervelt College

Education Consolidation Corporation (ECC), and Maxim Partners LLC acquires Westervelt College. Westervelt was founded in 1885 and has become a leader in providing career education in the areas of business, healthcare, law and information technology in Southern Ontario.

ECC is an investment vehicle founded by Robert Prendergast, one of Canada’s leading post-secondary education industry executives, in partnership with Chicago-based Maxim Partners to consolidate quality post-secondary education institutions throughout Canada.  "Westervelt will enable Robertson to expand its 100+ year reputation into the thriving Ontario marketplace in order to provide education to students seeking to quickly upgrade their careers. The combination of Westervelt with ECC Robertson College will provide students with access to many more programs and make them more employable" commented Robert Prendergast, CEO of ECC.